Malayalam Expense Tracker

Malayalam Expense Tracker

Malayalam Expense Tracker helps track your monthly expenses in Malayalam.

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Malayalam Expense Tracker

Malayalam Expense Tracker is written with Indian user in mind.  It is ideal for someone who withdraws money from bank

ATM and keeps spending, and wants to track where the money is going.

Whether it is Monthly Expenses like Rent, Cable, Tuition’s, Electricity . Anytime Expenses like buying
Vegetables, Provisions, charging mobile prepaid cards, Buying books, Expense Tracker can track them all for current month.

You can get summary and detailed reports of all expenses. You can also track your ATM withdrawals.

3 monthly expense trends can help you to see where expenses are picking up.

It helps you flexibly plan your budget and track spending, so you stay in control and achieve your future goals.

It does not have fancy, but less used features like credit card linkage, exporting data to excel or sending reports to your email account.

This app allow the user to calculate:

  • Daily Expense
  • Monthly Expense
  • Other Expense
  • Make Reports

But you will get definitely get control on your monthly expenses with this app.

You don’t need Internet to use this application. And all this in your language of choice – Malayalam!


A great app for you to track Monthly expenses.