Puchist Memes Trolls

Puchist Memes Trolls

Puchist Memes Trolls  brings you all your favorite trolls and memes under one roof. Share them with your near and dear via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Puchist Memes Trolls

Puchist Memes Trolls Features:

  • Unique compression algorithm to save your mobile data and to load the trolls faster.
  • Select your trolls and memes from English, Hindi and all south Indian languages
  • New troll notification that will never let you to miss any post.
  • No buffering, you have options to select image quality
  •  Easy access links to the Facebook page, post, likes, comments etc. which allows you to like/comment the troll using Facebook.
  • Download and share the trolls to your favorite social networking sites and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • 150+ Facebook pages.
  • No need to login. You can simply download and use the application. We respect your privacy.

We do not own the content and provide credit to the respective trolls and memes owners.

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Contents shown in this app are sourced from images uploaded to Facebook by respective pages. We are not responsible for any content shown in the app.

If you find any content offensive or abusive, open the corresponding post in Facebook and report it.


Good app which consolidates different troll group.