RTO Exam in Malayalam

RTO Exam in Malayalam

RTO Exam in Malayalam app is very useful to obtain driving license from RTO within Kerala. App is available in Malayalam and English language.

All RTO Office conduct theory exam of driving license on computer base. It is also useful for Learning License of Light Motor Vehicle (LMV), Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV). Here we have two mode:

Learning and Test mode for you to be aware about RTO exam and remove fear of failing and pass your RTO Driving license Test with full confidence .

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RTO Exam in Malayalam

This application is divide into following category :

Question Bank (Traffic Rules & Signs) : Read question and its answer.

Practice : You can practice without worrying about time.

Exam : This exam is only for preparation, random questions and road signs related questions will be asked in this exam with time limit.

More Information about RTO Exam in Malayalam(Kerala):

Language Select : You can change Language.

Font : Change font size.

Also describe many useful information.

RTO Exam in Malayalam

The app can use to learn the basic rules and regulations of driving. The Question Bank in RTO Exam enables one to learn the basic signs and its functions.

One can practice the RTO exam anytime anywhere through RTO Exam in Malayalam app.                    This app helps in learning all the necessary information about the road rules and regulations.

One become more aware about the road safety after learning the app. Once the user practice the exam, he becomes more conscious about the driving.

Driving can be simple if the driver is well informed about the road safety.

Purpose of this application is only for public awareness and preparation for examination. All the information has scrutinize, but still you should verify or check this information from the Transport Department. You can not use this information for legal purposes. All information is collected from different sources also do not provide any kind of guarantee.


RTO Exam in Malayalam app is so far one of the best learning app. It is more user friendly.