Troll Malayalam Meme App

Troll Malayalam Meme App

Troll Malayalam Meme App brings you the latest trolls that is trending in Facebook. Malayalam Troll is the most effective way to mock illness of our society.

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Troll Malayalam Meme App

The most important feature of Troll Malayalam Meme App is that all the content inside the app is downloadable. It means you can share as well as save the troll photos that is shown in this app.

Features of Troll Malayalam Meme App:

  • Download the app. The content will be updated automatically in accordance with your internet connection.
  • However if you don’t have internet at your disposal, the app will show the contents that has been downloaded till your phone has internet.
  •  The app is updated constantly. New trolls can be viewed and shared.
  • You can share the contents in this app to whats app, Facebook, twitter etc.

Troll Credits:

— –                        -International Chalu Union (ICU)
– Troll Malayalam
– Out Spoken
– Troll Movies
– Kidilan Trolls                                                                                                                                                                    -Troll Cricket
– Malayalam Troll Masters                                                                                                                                                -Troll Cinema
– School College Trolls
– Troll MCA
– Online Troll Media                                                                                                                               –                          -Troll Malayalam
– Soothranum Sheruvum
– Troll Mollywood
– Cyber Trollers
– Troll Kerala

Contents on Troll Malayalam Meme App is in the ownership of third party which includes Facebook pages, Facebook Groups etc.

If you think that any of the contents in this app is inappropriate or offensive. You can open the link and you can report the photo.


Great app for troll lovers.